How Can I Work At Home And Make Money?

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By the way, it is not only you who is curious to find the answer to the question

“How Can I Work At Home And Make Money”

People with entrepreneual spirit are about to winThe statistics reveal that more and more people worldwide work from home.

Of course, part of the answer is in the development of the technologies. Better internet connection, smartphones and other smart devices, video conferences… The list is endless, as it seems the technological revolution is at full speed.

But today I would like to stress on the other half of the answer.

It is the entrepreneurial spirit that overtakes a lot of people. It happened also with us – a family with three small kids, with no additional help from parents or other people. Our situation was even more imperative:

I HAD to find the answer to the riddle called “How can I work at home and make money”. And the reason was not only the income itself. It was also about me, being close to my wife and kids and thus being able to give a hand whenever needed.

So I will share you my personal experience how did I stay at home and made it possible to work.



The approach I will share with you could be used by both groups of people: those who have 9 to 5 jobs, and those like me – I have left my job and jumped into the “deep water” of the entrepreneurship. I will give my specific advice to each group.

But before I give the answer of the question of HOW can I work at home and make money“, I want to discuss with you a bit more on WHETHER it is so good to work from home?

Speaking of home entrepreneurship, I will put on the table both pros and cons and try to extract for you which strategy is working best, taking into consideration both advantages and disadvantages.

Here I am going to reveal to you

What is the Healthy Balance Between Home And Office Work?

Healthy Work LIfe BalanceTo explain my point of view, I will take as a ground the results of a recent research from Gallup Institute.

It shows that in 2016 the happiest workers in the U.S. were those, working 60 to 80 percent of their time from home and the rest of the time – from the office.

Simply put, it appears that people prefer to stay 3 or 4 days at home and to go 1 or 2 days to the office.

Something like a mix between socializing in the real office and the coziness of the home office. Could be a bit surprising for someone, but It seems that none of the two pure models – only home or only office works fine.

Armed with this info, let’s see how it could work best for us.


 PROs Of The “Work At Home And Make Money” Approach

1. We are flexible with our time – which part of the day we will work is our decision. E.g. we might bring the kids to the doctor during the day and catch up with work during the evening;

2. We are flexible with our task management – how we will organize our “to do list” is up to us, according to our personal tasks;

3. We don’t lose time with empty talks with other co-workers, or present at pointless business meetings;

4.We do not lose time and money to commute.


But what are the

CONs Of The “Work At Home And Make Money” Approach?

Procrastinaton1. Lack of socializing with other people/co-workers. This is not only a vent. You lose the chance to share ideas and listen to someone’s else ideas. You miss the feedback, the comments, the constructive criticism towards your actions.

2. It is very easy to lose focus while working at home. The distractions are more than you may assume: each and every kid’s quarrel could block your business thought. Not to mention TV, Social Media, Books. Everything in YOUR home could turn into YOUR distraction.

3. Procrastination! Being your own boss might have some bad consequences like lack of control on your “to do” list. Come on, we all know that it is inherent to our human nature to try to find all possible ways NOT to do what should be done if there is no authority to control us.

The result? We are wasting our time. We are not effective. We DO NOT make the money, we COULD HAVE MADE if being effective!


But there is good news! I have found the solution that takes the best from the two worlds: “working from office” and “work at home and make money”. You may say: How come? But listen! It is called


The Wealthy Affiliate Solution.


Wealthy Affiliate - get started here


In a nutshell, this is an online platform, where you will receive everything you need to become an excellent online affiliate marketing expert.

In fact, accept it like a university!

It has a lot of commonalities: there are formal Certification courses you have to pass, there are newbies (like me when I started) and experienced members (one of the best in the world of the affiliate marketing), there are teachers, mentors, there is a professional community of like-minded people. All this (and a lot more) leads you to learn how to make money from home.

So, let’s see the main features here:

1. Is it “work at home and make money approach”? Yes, it is;

2. Is it flexible with our time? Yes – It is absolutely free to make your schedule and find your own pace;

3. Is it task management friendly? You bet;

4. Do you lose time to commute? Hell no.


And see this: is the best business & social community5. Can you socialize at Wealthy Believe me, there is NO BETTER AFFILIATE COMMUNITY, full of amazing online marketing professionals there, where the communication is 24/7 and you choose when to be in;

6. Can you lose focus? It is hard to do, while everything – the certification course, the community, the training, the mentors – all they lead to one thing, how to turn into a successful online entrepreneur and to make money.

7. Can you procrastinate? In fact, you can somehow do it and nobody will pull a pistol to your head if not progressing, but again, when you are surrounded with all these people and see their success, this is inspirational and motivating at the same time!

The Best News Coming!


We went through the list from the first part of the article and saw there is a way to make the sweet spot between both worlds.

Did I tell you the best news?

Try at no riskNo, there is even better news – you can start on this platform for free and see for yourself. No strings attached, no trial periods.


You could stay for free as long as you wish!


Of course, there is a premium membership for those, who want to get unlimited access to all perks of Wealthy, but this is your RIGHT, not an obligation!






To Wrap it up,

you literally risk nothing! Those of you, working 9/5 jobs, just check it out! You might either add additional income or/and do like me: after seeing the results, quit your job and make affiliate marketing full-time job from home.

For those of you, who don’t have a job at the moment, no reasons not to try it! Life is wonderful:)

I hope I have been of help to you, showing my way! I would love to see your comments. What do you think? What other ways do you know to work from home and make money?

But whatever you do, most important is to TAKE ACTION! Your happiness is in your hands!


Wish you great days ahead at your home office:)


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