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How to Create Your Own Logo for Free in Just Minutes?

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Hi, there!

Read here, if you have (or plan to build) a website, and you still don’t have a logo on it. Or maybe you have paid (or intend to spend) some amount to a graphic designer, to create your logo?

At the end of this text, you will know how to create your logo for free.

I will show you very quick and easy approach.

The reason you will want to learn this new skill is not only you will save some money, but you will be more independent in the future! YouTube logo

Typically when running your website, you will have to count on too many third parties to cover you on different issues. It is always better if you have to rely on less external factors for your activities.

You will be able to adjust and change the logo elements whenever you want and how you want! And the payment “goes” to you:)

Before we move to the technical part, I will share with you some thoughts why you should have your logo and what are the primary rules you have to follow to have a meaningful logo.


Why your logo?

The short answer is: because in the today’s business world you must have a logo! With so many brands and websites out there, you have to consider every approach possible to differentiate yourself.

Creating quality content on your website comes first, but don’t underestimate the marketing part! Especially if you want to make money from your brand!

Irrespective what you will “sell” on the internet – yourself as an expert, physical products, or services, you will need a sign, or a “label,” showing the audience who are you and what is your brand?

The logo is a substantial component of your marketing differentiation, together with the brand name and domain name. You need to have a few aspects in mind when creating your logo.

1. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be good and smart.Amazon logo

Simple is better! Look at the logos of some of the most significant brands recently.

Amazon has written their brand name graphically. What they have cleverly added is an arrow, pointing from letter A to letter Z – an allusion to the fact you can find everything you need in one marketplace.

What is the “YouTube” logo? Similar to the previous example, it is a combination of the name of the company and a small graphic, which immediately associates with starting a movie!

You got the point – be simple, but think of a small sign or symbol, which leads the audience to what is your brand scope.

The other reason you will want a simple logo is one could readily recognize it at various scales – either on a business card, a website, a van, or a billboard.

2. It should be well readable on both white and dark background.

You want to use your logo on different occasions – from shipping labels to t-shirts! You have to be prepared and have versions with a white and black background.

3. The fewer colors, the better.

Avoid gradients, which decreases printing costs if you sell any physical products, and minimizes fading between colors.

Having in mind these guidelines, let’s see how to create your logo for free.


Design your logo – step by step guide

For the purpose, you will want to use online tool. In our case, it will be Canva. This is a graphic-design software, which has free and paid functions, but you will stick to the free ones.

You can use Canva to create infographics, photo collages, social graphics, presentations, posters, but today we will focus on your logo. I promised you it would be quick and straightforward, and now you will make sure it’s right!

1. Go to and sign up for free – you will need an e-mail and password.

2. When you log in, you access a page, which looks like this one:

Canva main page
3. Click on Logo button, and you will go to the following page:

Logo page
In fact, this is the working plot, where you will produce your logo. Here is what you need to know.

On the lefthand side you will see four menus:

Layouts: Here you can choose the general design of your logo – how it will look like. You can pick from having many options. Each square represents different layout. Click on each option to test and see which suits you best.

Note: If you see a “free” sign on the bottom right corner of each option, it is free of charge. If some of the elements are paid, a message will appear with the price, and you will be asked do you want to use it, or not.

Elements: Here you can choose from different grids, frames, shapes, lines, illustrations, icons and charts. Click on each submenu and dig deep into it.

Canva Elements


Text: This menu is responsible for typography. Here you will find different fonts and text alignments:

Text on Canva
Background: Here you will choose from different colors and background patterns.

Canva background
You can additionally type in the search bar a keyword with the desired object. Immediately you will receive a lot of alternative solutions – free and paid.

4. When you are ready with your logo, your final step will be to save the file on your computer:

Download a file from Canva
From the upper Download menu, you can choose to keep the logo in different formats, like PNG, JPG, and PDF.

And pretty much that’s it! Congratulations:)


Is your first logo a success?

Use these four menus, play with the features and if you are not that picky, you will come to a solution pretty soon. But you might start worrying: Did I do the “right” logo? Is this going to work? Is the audience going to like my logo?

One advice from me. As the possible combinations are unlimited, don’t try to find the ideal logo from the very first time.

Find something that responds to your internal requirements (you could create a preliminary checklist) and when you reach an acceptable design (not perfect), just stop here. Otherwise, you risk iterating many times without success.

Why your first attempt shouldn’t necessarily turn into a hit? Because you have to reach any level to further develop.

You can use two approaches to test your first logo. Ask other people for their honest opinion. Relatives and friends are okay, but your customers and blog readers are an option, as well. When you receive their feedback, you will start improving your logo.

If you are very much on the fence between two or three options, ask friends, or your visitors, which one they prefer most!

Don’t forget – now you have a new skill, and you can make changes as many times as you wish. You don’t need to bother finding a designer, explaining to them what you want, paying them, and losing time in correspondence.


You’ve learned three essential pieces of knowledge, regarding building your brand:

1. Why do you need to have a logo?

2. How to create it with your own hands with free internet resources?

3. How to evaluate your work and take it from there to become a logo master.


I hope you will experiment with Canva tool and will TAKE ACTION! We will learn things only by doing them!


I would love to hear from you! What do you think about the idea to create your logo? Leave me a comment, and I will answer you!


To your successful logo!





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