How To Make Money Online Easy?

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Hi, there!

Do you want to learn the answer to the question

“How To Make Money Online Easy”?

How to make money easy

If yes, I will have to disappoint you!

You will not find the answer here. “Make money online easy and fast” is not my discipline.

And it is not because I don’t like the easy money! I need them a lot, as I have three small kids to feed.

It’s because the legit ways to make easy and quick money hardly exist in reality!

Just stop and think for a moment!

If the opposite were true, then a lot of people would find easy ways to make money online, and life would be financial paradise for practically most of the people.

But nothing is far from the reality.

You will ask,

why so many “experts” are trying to convince me of the “money overnight” schemes?

Because this is precisely what you want to hear!

Who does not want to learn how to get rich next week if any methods have been invented? No offense, but they fool you, and you get caught in your trap – the desire to succeed in a unique fast path.

Stock ExchangeI have been caught in this trap – a few times!

I’ve tried to make income through sports betting and stock exchange activities.

I realized the hard way that the luck and indefiniteness play more prominent role than we human beings tend to ascribe to these activities.

It is something, like a lottery. Yes, there are systems, rules, models created.

Think again – if all these models were so efficient, would the big financial crisis of 2007/8 be possible?

Don’t get me wrong – of course; some people make big money from the stock exchange, sports bets, or even lottery tickets. I know a few. But the key is that they are quite a few.

Look around you – how many of your relatives, friends, and coworkers want to become rich quick? And how many of them made it?

It is the same with the “get this pill, and you will have a magic body overnight” scheme. No, no and no! There is no magic formula. You will have to work hard for both your body and your money.

In case you are curious, have a look at some of the biggest scams, people actually fell for:


Is There A Solution? Yes, There Is.

The secret is in changing the mindset and asking the right question. I will give an example, We could ask:

How to make money online sustainably and consistently?

Sustainable GrowthIf you set the new rule, everything comes into place.

You no longer need to fool yourself, count on just good luck or go against the mathematical laws.

There is something even more critical. With the new mentality, it is harder to burn out, because you will be prepared for the reality, which is “no pain no gain.”

Unlike those people, who will expect the success overnight and when it does not happen, they will quit the battle in desperation.

What are the values of the new mindset? Patience, learning curve, trial and error, persistence. Sometimes – blood sweat and tears.

The result? You reach the point to a sustainable income, based on efforts and step by step building your business.

What Are The Realistic Ways To Make Money Online?

OK, let’s see some proven methods to have a sustainable online income:

1. Selling physical products online. This approach becomes more and more popular. I am personally using it, and it works pretty well.

You might sell both other brands and your private label products. You might sell through online marketing platforms (Amazon is undoubtedly the most popular one, but there are a lot more opportunities), or through your e-commerce store.

E-books2. Selling e-books online. People are hungry for information online. You might fill in the knowledge gaps, creating structured content on topics the people are interested in;

3. Forming your own YouTube channel. You might create an exciting video content people would like to watch. When you have enough audience and fans, YouTube will reward you, sending you ads to monetize your channel;

4. Creating apps for smartphones. Here the idea is fundamental. If you have a lucrative plan, you will find a way to develop and launch an app technically;

5. Creating your authority website. Similar to the video approach with YouTube, you might want to improve a site which will become influential in some niche in the course of time. Then the traffic will come. Then Google will send you adds to be monetized by you;

6. Writing for someone else’s blog. You might want to write content, without caring for managing your website. This could be the case if you are time restricted.

My wife has done this. She touches the topic in more detail HERE.                                                       

7. Affiliate marketing. You might want to promote the products and services of third parties (including your ones) through your authority website.

You help customers and producers to “meet” their interests while spreading useful information.

Then you will get commissioned by the producers with predefined incentive schemes.

What are the next steps?

I will tell you something sweet. That’s the beauty of all these approaches: except # 4, all other six methods are related and have something in common.

It is CREATING CONTENT – written, video or combined.

Here is the logic: First, you create a qualitative content. Second, a bunch of people interacts with it. Third, you get traffic that is monetized.

Sounds simple?

But it is not!

Let’s get back to the first part of the text. There is no easy answer to the question “How to make money easy.” You have to be consistent, persistent and to learn the rules of the game if you want to become a successful online marketing entrepreneur.

My wife Valeria and I make our income from affiliate marketing. To become successful,

we needed a strategy and a systematic approach to this business.

We found it on a platform, called


There we found four main components that helped us monetize our efforts:


1. Structured Certification A to Z Course with theory and exercise what to do and how to do it;

2. A community of like-minded experts who are ready to help 24/7;

3. Technical support and hosting service for your website/s;

4. Live chat, video training, classrooms and everything needed to support you step by step to your success.

It is more like a university, but you can start earning money through the learning process.

You can start the learning curve FOR FREE. As long as you want. No additional conditions.

There is a lot to be absorbed even at this level.

You can have access to the full resources of the university when you upgrade to the Premium level. There you will find everything you need to turn from just a good affiliate marketer into a master.

And the knowledge you get there is connected with all these points above (except #4): how to become an excellent blogger, how to create a compelling content, how to do SEO (search engine optimization), how to manage social media, how to build and maintain websites.

And a lot, lot more…


Find HERE details about the WealthyAffiliate platform and how you can benefit.

Key Takeaways

With this text, we have learned:

1. What is the wrong and the right mindset concerning “how to make money online easy” issue;

2. What are some realistic ways to make money online;

3. What is Wealthy and how it can help you become a successful online marketer and monetize your efforts?


The most important is To TAKE ACTION and make your dreams come true!


I would love to hear from you. What do you think about making money online easy? Have you found your ways? What are they?


To your sustainable money making:)


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