How To Make Money With Niche Affiliate Marketing?

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Hello, Dear (Future) Affiliate Marketer,

Whatever you do (or plan to do) in the world of the affiliate marketing, niche management is always going to be one of the leading topics you will have to pay attention t.

So, today you will learn

How to make money with niche affiliate marketing?

How to make money with niche affiliate marketing

If we decompose this question, we will see three critical components that we will clarify, to find the answer to our question:

1. What is affiliate marketing?

2. What is a niche in the context of the affiliate marketing?

3. How to earn money with niche affiliate marketing?

OK, for those who are not aware, let’s start with our first subtopic:

What is affiliate marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you

spread a word about products or services on the Internet.

You help readers and consumers be more informed and make more rational purchase decisions. The sellers award your efforts as you have contributed them, as well.

So, you are in the middle of the chain “seller – affiliate marketer – the consumer.”


Apparently, it is a “win-win” approach for each party! And this is the secret why it is so successful!


win win solutionAffiliate marketing is one of the leading branches of the online marketing industry. Why?

Because to be a profitable marketer, you have to balance with different aspects: content marketing and blogging, website building and maintenance, keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO) and so forth.

It sounds not so simple! And if someone tells you it is an easy business, he or she is (I will tell you straight in your face)

misleading you!

Like every business in the world, affiliate marketing has rules that you have to learn and follow. If you go through this learning curve and follow the steps, you will make money out of this!

One of the main steps is related to finding a profitable niche to develop. So we reached our second main point today:


What is a niche in the context of the affiliate marketing?

A niche is a group of consumers with similar interests and purchase habits. It is that simple!

But let’s complicate it a bit! There are different types of niches regarding size. There are large niches and narrow niches.

I will give you an example.

The cosmetics niche is a large one. It includes all people that are interested in cosmetic products. But, it should consist of almost every person in the world! Each of us uses soap or shampoo.

narrow down a nicheSo we have to narrow it down.

There are different types of cosmetic products – for the body, for the hair, for the face. There are creams, soaps, shampoos, hair masks, face masks…

The list could be endless. Each of the mentioned types of cosmetic products belongs to a narrow niche.

For example – the people, who use hair mask could be a niche.

Could we narrow it down even more? Yes.

There are hair masks for dry hair, healthy hair, and greasy hair. Thus, we have three more niches that are smaller. If I were to decide, based on this example, I wouldn’t go that specific.

I would define my niche as hair care, or even skin care so that I include more topics, but without being too general.

Now you understand the logic. And here comes the question:

How to define the optimal size and type of content of a profitable niche?

The answer here is hidden in the word “profitable.” To make money from a niche, you have to consider two rules. Let’s go through them together.

Rule #1: Play with the “zoom” to find the right focus.

Play with the zoom to find the right focusWe can zoom in

and zoom out

to find the optimal size of a niche. There is no mathematical law behind it.

If your niche is too large, you and your readers will get lost there. If you write for everything about cosmetics, you will have to cover so many topics and will not be able to go deep in either of them.

Let’s imagine someone is searching for information about shaving creams. If you have 100 articles on your website, maybe 1 or 2 will cover that topic.

And let’s say there is a website which is focused only on that topic. All 100 articles will cover different aspects, related only to shaving creams.


If you are interested in this topic, which website would you visit and trust more?

You get the point now. You should be focused enough so that you would be able to cover your topic in depth and width so that the people trust you and can find versatile information.

From the other side, you should not go too narrow, as you need a niche big enough to have traffic to your site and sales after that.

For example, “hair masks for damaged blonde hair” is a too much-focused niche, which you will be hard to monetize on, due to the particular and small segment you cover.

Follow the above principles, keep rule #1 and you have solved half of the issue.

WATCH this short amusing video:


To solve the other half of the issue, you have to follow

Rule #2: Find an evergreen topic.

This rule is more about the type of the content. There are two main approaches here.

1. To write about hot and up to date topic. The advantage is it is in the spotlight that a lot of people are interested. But there is a risk that it might be outdated and you lose your audience. That is why I recommend you stick to the second approach.

2. To write about an evergreen topic. Just stick to proven in time content that will always be relevant to people. Let’s see Find an evergreen topica few examples here:

  • Healthy niche – people will still be interested in issues like “how to lose weight”;


  • Pet niche – people will always have pets and will be interested how to take care of them. Here you can pick up something, related to food, education or healthcare – the sky is the limit;


  • Childcare niche – people will always have children and will bring up them. It might be clothing, education or toys – thousands of ideas might appear;


  • Home niche – people will always want to have a lovely home and will search for advice how to make it better. From design to reconstruction or buying a home – it is a vast topic;


  • Relationship niche – people will always interact in many ways, and they will seek for information how to be happier, to love each other more and to overcome different moments in their life;


  • Travel niche – you know how many people travel these days;

The list of evergreen topics is big. Do you get the point? Just find a one that you are passionate about, use rule #1 to find the right zoom and

Voila – you have the niche issue solved!

Just as an additional illustration, click HERE to read some exciting data what have people searched on Google!

It also might give you some ideas about your niche.

OK. Let’s say you have used the above rules to define your PROFITABLE niche. We have to answer the last question:

How to make money with niche affiliate marketing?

We have to find sellers that offer affiliate programs for their products and services. The easiest way to do is to explore them through the search engines. See the following example:

Let’s see your niche is “skin care products.” You go and type in Google “skin care products + affiliate programs.” Here is an excerpt from the result:

Search for affiliate programs


You will see two types of effects: the affiliate programs of the websites and review blogs which summarize and recommend you which affiliate programs to apply and work.

It is worth exploring both types: the original information from the sellers and the desk research, done by other bloggers.

If you have defined your niche correctly, following the rules, you will have a well-focused content on your website with good traffic. So you will be well rewarded by the sellers:)

To learn what is the best way to start a blog to make money, click HERE!

You will see tips how to write good content, or how to build your website!

My Approach To Niche Affiliate Marketing

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In fact, there you can find everything you need to turn into a profitable onlinepreneur.

The best news is you can start for FREE and stay as long as you can:)

More about my story and you will find HERE.

To Wrap It Up

I hope now you know a lot more about the niche management concerning the affiliate marketing. You know how to define a niche, how to find the right zoom and how to monetize it!

But most important, TAKE ACTION! Defining a niche, as well as defining what you want from YOUR life is in YOUR hands!

I would love to hear from you! What are your interests? What are your passions?

Write me in the comments’ section below; I would be happy to help you with a piece of advice or just to have a chat with you!

Wish you fruitful research in your niche!


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