How to Write a Blog Post in 30 Minutes? These 7 Rules Will Help You!

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Hi, Fellow Blogger!

In today’s post, we will discuss the topic how to write a blog post in 30 minutes.

Read below, if you want to create more text to “feed” your website with “fresh” content, but you are often short of time!

If this is your case, you are caught in a trap, where some bloggers often fall. Instead of trying to find ways to speed up the writing process, you are frustrated and counter-productive as a result.

You might even experience a downward spiral – more and more frustration means lower levels of productivity.

There is a way to break this trend and to turn it into a positive direction. What you have to do is to

1. Organize your research phase?How to write a blog post in 30 minutes?

2. Speed up your writing process?

In the next lines, we will go through these two strategies to boost your writing efficiency.


How to organize your research phase?

Organization and planning are other names of productivity. Without a plan you will lose a lot of time, wondering what exactly to do.

I have summarized for you seven rules to organize your workflow more efficiently.


1. Research your topics in advance.

Researching what to write about is a subpart of the whole process, which is entirely different from the writing phase. Usually, you browse the Internet, read other content and take notes.

You would want to set this phase apart and do it one at a time for a bunch of blog posts, let’s say 10.

2. Come up with the main components of the future posts.

Create the titles. Think about the structure of the text: topics you will cover on each document, and how you will structure the version, with the subtitles.

How many words are you aiming? What would be your standpoint? What will be your keywords? Get ready for this stuff in advance.Come up with the main components of the future posts

Prepare your homework, and you have done half of the work!

This phase may take you a few hours, but the effort will pay back. You will have the backbone of 10 articles written down and the content ideas ready/bookmarked on your computer!


3. Avoid distraction.

While you are in a research mode, avoiding distraction is more difficult than it seems. The reason is this phase requires surfing on the internet by default.

It is effortless to jump on some engaging content, not on the topic of interest, or to click on all these pop-ups on your screen! Social media and email are potential distraction sources, as well.

To stay focused, I suggest you follow the Pomodoro Technique. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short 5 minutes breaks.

Click HERE to learn more and to use the Pomodoro timer!

You got the point! I suggest you use a structured approach, based on planning and organization, instead of chaotic and ad hock action!

You are just one step away to learn how to write a blog post in 30 minutes.


How to speed up your writing process?

To be able to write blog content quickly, you would appreciate the support of online writing tools that would be of immense help to you.

It is the same as if you want to travel between point A and point B. You could take the distance on foot, by car or by plane. Each way you will reach the final destination.

Read below how to “catch the plane” regarding writing content:)


4. OUse grammar cheking toolsptimize checking your typos and grammar mistakes.

Instead of slowing down your speed, getting back in the text many times and continuously thinking whether you have typed the words correctly, use grammar checker. There are lots of them on the internet.

A good option is Grammarly. It has a free version, which corrects grammatical errors, awkward sentences, and typos.

Another advantage is it crawls all your web content, including your social media posts.


5. Increase the speed as you dictate the content.

Sometimes you can double the number of words per minute if you dictate, instead of just typing the content.

Do you remember? You have your homework already done; you have the structure of the whole post and the main topics you want to touch, in your mind.

Why don’t you leave the words to fall naturally as you are telling a story to a friend? Free your mind and express yourself without any limits. Just follow your predefined structure.

You might be surprised how quickly you will produce content!

Some tools will help you with writing down your thoughts.

If you have a computer with Windows, click HERE. If you have a Mac Computer, click HERE, to understand ho understand how to use a free dictation tool for the respective OS.

There is a paid option – Dragon Speech Recognition. It is a high-end solution, which you might decide having a look.


6. Again, avoid distraction!

This rule is so important, so it’s worth mentioning it one more time!

Stay focused while research, Stay focused while writing!Stay focused, avoid distraction, while writing

You could give a try to MarinaTimer. Not only has it the standard Pomadoro working cycle, but you can set your custom timer, which will fit your rhythm.


7. Don’t spare time searching for images.

Let me be clear. Enriching your content with images is very, very important to the overall perception the blog post will receive. Without visuals, the text is harder to “digest.”

Finding images to upload in the text might be very time-consuming.

Your solution is called Site Content. This is the writing tool of the WealthyAffiliate platform.

Site Content has built-in feature, which allows writing post, and downloading royalty free images in parallel, as you can embed them right away into the text.

You can choose from more than 1 000 000 photos!

Just think how much time you will spend if you have to search the old way and embed all images you want!

Watch this short video to see how Site Content looks:


To access Site Content, you have to sign up for free membership of You can do it HERE.


I am a WealthyAffiliate member, and I use Site Content to write, edit, organize and store my content quickly and efficiently.

Site Content is connected to WordPress. If you use WordPress, you can upload the final content on your website with just one click of a button.



Follow these seven rules how to write a blog post in 30 minutes! If I have to mention which are the most important one or two things you have to remember from this text, it would be to

optimize the research phase and use tools to speed up the writing process!

You will be amazed by the result:)

Whatever know-how and tools you use, just TAKE ACTION! Writing content is crucial to the success of every website. Use the opportunities that exist to make it faster!

I would love to hear from you! What methods do you apply to write content more quickly? Leave a message below, and I would be happy to answer you!


To your quick writing!



2 Responses

  1. Eric

    I haven’t taken the time to set up any dictation software or try it out yet but I keep hearing good things. I also find it’s best to research a good chunk of stuff in advance, that way it’s super simple to just type away.

    Writing a blog post in 30 minutes is certainly much easier when you have everything ready to go. I may have missed something but was wondering how many words you’re talking about doing in 30 minutes?

    My best is about 1500 words that are without the dictation software you mention. Do you think I could get 3k words if I made the switch?

    • Tony

      Hi, Eric,

      Thank you for your comments! Agree with you that good organization is the most significant time saver!

      The second biggest is the technology, like dictation.

      To your question: I firmly believe you can double your speed with dictation and go up to 3 000 words. The exact word count increase depends on how fluent is your thought. For example, mine is not very eloquent and I have to halt and frequently start to figure out the best possible expression.

      But irrespective how quick you are in writing, you will do quicker with dictation, that’s for sure!

      Hope this helps.

      Wish you good luck with dictation process:)


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