How To Write A Good Content For A Website? 12 Strategies To Succeed!

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Hi, there!

Content is King!

Probably, you have heard (or you will listen to it in the future) this cliche many times!

But it is a cliche because it is true. The content on your website or blog is like the heart of your body. No content – no site!

That is why the knowledge how to write good content for a website is fundamental to your success.


In this text you will learn:

1. How to instantly improve the quality of the content you write?

2. How to improve the formatting of your content?

3. Why should I use tools to enhance the process of content creation?


When you finish reading, you will have sufficient knowledge to write blog content like a pro!

How to improve the quality of the content you write?

I want to calm you. When we talk about achieving high-quality content, it doesn’t mean you have to be a writer or even very experienced blogger!

It is true that the longer the practice, the better the content, but if you follow a few basic rules, you will instantly see the results!


1. Think of a catchy title.

The title is the first sentence your readers will see in your text. And if it is not convenient – it might be the only one! Ideally, it has to hold your central message to the audience formulated in a way that sparks curiosity among the readers.

Let’s see the title here. The first part tells you what to expect from the text? To learn how to write good content for a website. The second part is the “bait.” You could have thought “let’s see which are these strategies.”

Free tools like THIS one can support you with ideas.


2. Write, like you are talking to a friend.

When you feel more passionate? When you talk to a friend, or when you write something to an audience you don’t know? I know the question is rhetorical.Write like you are talking to a friend

Simple advice is when you write content,

just imagine a person

you are communicating. You will sound more personal and committed to what you have to say.


3. Solve problems with your content.

Go one step further! Not just chat with your imaginary friend.

Try to help him or her! I mean, people would come to your blog to learn something useful. For example, now you want to learn how to write good content for a website.

If it were only about babbling with a friend, you would use social media, isn’t it?

The helping mode will improve the quality and trust of your content and will give a reason for the readers to read you and come back again!


4. Write posts that cover the topic thoroughly.

Here comes the next step: write not only as you are helping a friend. Be exhaustive! For two reasons:

First, “your friend” will be pleased if you demonstrate severe attitude and cover all main aspects of your answer, not only saying something just to say something.

Second, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer more extended content (at least 1000 words) and reward lengthy articles.

This does not mean you have to write a novel! Just leave the words to fall naturally and when you’ve covered everything you wanted, finish your article. If it is 800 words and you’ve covered everything you wanted, that is fine!

Having said that:


5. Don’t stuff words in your content.

You should not create content for the sake of content, but to help your audience solve any issue they have. In other words, the

quantity should not prevail over quality!

Stuffing words could repel your readers. They will feel you are not interested and original. Moreover, the search engines don’t like words’ stuffing in the text. They will detect you and your ranking will suffer.Trigger comments and answer them


6. Trigger comments and answer them.

Comments are critical to the content creation strategies. They will help you in two directions:

  • They show you are sincere when communicating with the readers. You respond them, and you are interested in their opinion and issues. Thus, you will build trust, and they will come back or spread a right word for you;


  • Search engines consider comments as a continuation of the post. Thus, you naturally increase the volume and the quality of the content. The reward regarding better ranking will not be late!


Watch THIS video for more content creation tips.


The first 6 points were connected with the content itself. The next few strategies will show you


How to improve the formatting of your content?

By “formatting” I mean the design and the appearance of the text. The old rule says: It is not what you say, but how you say it!

And it is so right!

It is incredible, but research suggests that we more readily believe a poor argument convincingly explained to us than one based on sound logic but presented by someone who sounds unconvinced or uninterested.

Regarding speaking, it could be the appearance, tone, and manner to make the difference.

What about regarding writing?


7. Write short sentences and split the content into many paragraphs.

I checked – this is paragraph # 37 of the text you are reading now! Imagine if I had 2 or 3 paragraphs, instead of 37? Which type of (with similar wording) content would you “digest” better?


8. Insert subtitles in the text.

The longer the text and the more the main topics you want to cover, the more subtitles you have to insert. Think of as if you have different chapters in your content. Each section has its title, isn’t it?Insert subtitles in the text


9. Incorporate visuals in the text.

A picture can say 1000 words! Another cliche, full of pure wisdom, right? We all accept the content better if images and videos support it. Don’t hesitate to add pictures – the longer the text, the more images you should have.


10. Have a clear text structure.

Always have a text structure. This will help you send your message in a better way to the audience.

In the opening part or the introduction, state the main topic of your text

In the central part divide into sections the different subtopics you want to cover.

If subtopics need their subtopics – do it in a way it is clear to the reader. Use bullets, numbers and all taxonomy you may need to structure the text correctly.

Conclude at the end. You may stress on the most critical parts of your message. Ideally, people will remember a few things – no problem to state them again:)


11. Play with fonts and sizes.

You can visualize your messages, using different fonts, colors, and sizes. Typography is another visual element that you want to use to make the content more understandable and distinguishable.


Why tools?


12. Use tools to improve your content creation process.

It is crucial for organizing your content creation process. It’s all about using a writing platform that can give you tools like:

  • Holding and ordering all your texts in one place – imagine it like a virtual library, where you place all your work, and there is a way you can easily find it;Site Content on Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Useful statistics, like count of words, paragraphs, and headings;
  • Grammar checker;
  • Duplicate content checker, which is very important as otherwise you may be punished by the search engines if your content is not unique enough;
  • Image library, where you can quickly and easily have access to free images;

If you have such and other perks, not only you will be much more efficient, but

you will write much better content!

I use a functionality called Site Content, which is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Learn more about WealthyAffiliate platform HERE.

All you have to do is to subscribe to the free starter level of Wealthy Affiliate, and you will get access to Site Content. It is entirely compatible with WordPress. You can use it as much as you want and unsubscribe at any time.

Click HERE to subscribe for free and get access to Site Content.



Well, maybe you already use some of these strategies for creating better content. If not, it is never too late to start.

Experiment! Pick a few (or all) of them and start using them from your next post.

Whatever strategies you use, just TAKE ACTION and improve your content!

I would love to hear from you! What are your ways to write good content? How do you plan to make it better – we may exchange experience! Write me below, and I will answer you!


To your better content!









2 Responses

  1. Christina

    Excellent, strategies for writing good content, Tony! I must say, it was really easy to read through your post because of one of your great tips up there… breaking up content into small paragraphs. It’s so hard to read through posts that are walls of text.

    I also love your strategy of using different fonts and making things bold to stand out. It just makes it so much easier to read.

    I’m so happy you belong to Wealthy Affiliate because I know they have a great training platform, as evidenced in this post! I highly suggest anyone who wants to learn how to write and structure content to learn from experienced professionals, like those at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Tony

      Hi, Christina,

      I am glad you considered some of the tips here!

      Regarding the small paragraphs – I have struggled reading otherwise exciting content, which is not structured well! So much easier to break the material into pieces!

      Playing with fonts is another strategy I use to make the content more readable and to stress on the main messages I want to send to the readers.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate – this is the platform that gave me the knowledge to succeed and the courage to act!

      Thank you for stopping by and I would be happy to chat with you again:)


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