Make Money And Wealthy Affiliate? Success Stories!

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Hi there,


Make money and Wealthy Affiliate are compatible concepts!


And now I am going to prove this to you! Instead of just convincing you how good platform is, I am going to give them the floor!

To whom?

To the moneymakers themselves!

You will check this straight from the horse’s mouth! I don’t know if you know, but Wealthy

make money and wealthy affiliate


has the most fabulous professional affiliate marketing community in the world!

A lot of members there make money thanks to their professionalism and dedication!

And they share their success with the community! So what I am going to do today is just

share a piece of their messages with you.

These people are real, they are Wealthy Affiliate members, and their stories are real, as well.

You can see some of them in the below video, having fun at the annual Wealthy Affiliate conference, taking place in Las Vegas:)


You can become a Wealthy Affiliate member for FREE and rub shoulders with them, talk to them, do what they do.

They are people like you and me, who have dared to follow their dreams and are on the path to success!

Take a few minutes and have a look at their stories. And as a result, one day you would be the one to publish success stories like the ones you will read below!


Story #1


“… When I first joined WA back in 2013, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and zero idea of what was even possible. I thought making $500 /mo in residual income would be expecting too much, boy was I wrong.
Fast forward 3 years, and here’s a screenshot showing my first month earning over $5K using a single site. Anyone who uses Amazon to monetize will probably recognize the graph.

This definitely did not happen overnight, it took A LOT of hard work, research, and even failure to achieve. But, whatever the process was, it did eventually happen and that’s the point…”

Read the full story HERE.

Story #2

“When I joined WA in August 2012, I was looking for a way to make money online, like everyone else who has walked (surfed?) through WA’s doors before, and since that fateful day.

I raced through what was then a 10-day trial and signed up for premium straight away.

I was full of hope, and dreams, and a ton of excitement, but in the back of my mind there was always doubt.

The doubt wasn’t that internet marketing worked.

The doubt wasn’t that WA could teach me.Will I be able to make this happen?

The doubt was that I myself would be able to make it work.

I think this is what most people struggle with reality, and it was a battle I faced every single day, and sometimes still face.

“Will I be able to make this work?”

“I’m not as diligent as these successful people. I’m too impatient. I’m not talented enough. I can’t come up with a good enough idea. My content isn’t good enough. I don’t know how to network. Waa waaa waaah.”

But in 2017, my company recorded $1,067,286.00 US dollars in revenue.”


Read the full story HERE.


Story #3

“Every once in a while you get a big sale and today was my biggest yet – it was for $3000. In the last 14 months, I’ve made 12 sales that were $1000 or more.

I wouldn’t make every post about products that cost over $1000, but it’s worth it to sprinkle them in from time. Maybe 1 out of every 10.Successful Sale

You won’t hit on them every day, but when you do, it feels very good.”


You can find the story HERE.


Story #4

“I didn’t expect to meet this milestone last week, but I got a couple of late sales on my TV subscriptions which took my earnings up to $1100 for the month of Jan.

It’s taken me almost 1 year and 5 months to achieve this level of earnings, but I set myself a target of 18 months, so I’m pretty chuffed to have made it.

I want to share my journey, not to gloat but to show you how things can change along the way and also how I had to re-focus and change my strategy…”


Read the full story HERE.


Story #5

“It was a post about how much your website/business can change in a year. At that time I’d gone from an income of $300 to about $4,000 a month in a year.

Now it’s the end of January 2018 (I know it’s been a few months over a year), and I wanted to share my progress and how much your traffic and income can change if you work your ass off in for one year!

Starting in November 2017 I’ve been making over $10,000 a month, and in January I had my highest month ever: $13,481.39…”


Read the full story HERE.


Story #6

“So a lot of times I see members wondering if it’s worth investing in going premium. That’s been a resounding yes for me since 2007 when I first joined. Aside from the technology and training, the members are a huge benefit. Essentially you get to rub elbows with successful people you normally wouldn’t have access to. Wealthy Affiliate Community

So that said, the $2024.95 and $2128 I earned this month was a result of chatting with two other successful WA members. I make it a habit to look at others sites in my niche to get inspired and borrow ideas.

I take it step further and ask questions if they happen to be WA members. I did that recently, and it led to an additional $4000 this month, and that number will grow every month just because of a few quick private messages.”


Read the full story HERE.


Next step?


OK, I can share with you literally thousands of success stories of community members. Hope now you see that make money and Wealthy Affiliate are compatible concepts! is the most extensive affiliate marketing community in the world! You can become a part of this exceptional community.


Read HERE how I entered Wealthy Affiliate and what can you expect there!



I hope these stories have inspired you to dream big and change your life! The ancient Chinese philosopher has said that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.”

Make your step today! TAKE ACTION!


I would love to hear from you! What are your dreams? Where are you on your road to happiness? Leave a comment below, and I will be happy to answer you!


To your first step,


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