The Best Way To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing: The Strategic View

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Hi there!

The purpose of this text is to suggest you a bit different perspective on the best way to make money in affiliate marketing.

What is the best way to make money in affiliate marketing?In fact, my purpose is to give you the “big picture” in understanding the affiliate marketing business.

I want you to have the right mindset and the sensitivity to be able to decide for yourself whether a decision given is good or bad.

I want you to be able to “connect the dots” at the end of the day. With this regard, this text is somewhat strategic than tactical.

If you think strategically,

you will very easy feel what the best way to make money in affiliate marketing is.


I practice affiliate marketing. At the end of the text, I will give you my straightforward answer what is the best way to make money in this business.

Now, accept this as an invitation to brainstorm together:) After you read my standpoint, I would love to hear your opinion on the comments’ section!

OK, let the session begin:)


First off, let’s think

What is affiliate marketing?


The direct answer would sound like “placing affiliate links on your website so that you would be able to monetize it.”

I would give you a different perspective to think about it. What if I tell you that affiliate marketing is all about helping Offer helppeople! How come?

You can help them in many ways: with an opinion, with advice. Offer them help to choose the right product based on your review.

Or inform them about a fantastic product they haven’t heard. Or even tell readers about lousy product or scam they should avoid!

The readers will feel it!

They will understand you want to help them and they will trust you! Stop thinking about money, to make money!



In other words, the paradox is

you will monetize your website when you don’t fix your thought on monetizing it!

But life is very often paradoxical, isn’t it:)


The next topic I want to give you food for thought is

Making money time frame: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


A very popular is the “make money quick and easy” approach! A lot of people think that making money with affiliate marketing falls into that scheme!

Not true!

Affiliate marketing is like any other initiative you undertake.

  1. You have to learn the formal rules and requirements of this business. There is a learning curve you have to go through;Affiliate Marketing is marathon, not sprint
  2. You have to find the money to buy the first row stuff to produce the future product. In affiliate marketing scenario, this would be buying your domain name, hosting and building your website;
  3. You have to sell your product. In this case, your production will be your content creation to make your site meaningful and beneficial to the audience;
  4. You need guidance and mentorship to find the best practice and not get lost along the way;
  5. You need like-minded people to share the same values and experience and to help each other when issues occur.


These are the five pillars you need to succeed. And some of them take time.

It is not going to happen overnight.

It is not like you will create a website, set it live and wait for people to recognize it! It doesn’t happen like this.


I will ask you a few questions here:

About the learning curve: do you think you would quick and easy find and learn all this colossal information needed to run a successful business?

As for building your website: unless you are a website developer, do you think you will quickly and efficiently handle with tons of issues that will appear over time speedily and easy?

About content creation: do you think you would quickly and easily develop a critical amount of content so that your website is authority enough?

As for mentors and like-minded people: Do you think that you would be able to find quickly and easily a valuable piece of advice, tips, help, and support on the Internet?


The answer is No!

Give yourself time to succeed with affiliate marketing

Then, why should you believe those people, who promise you quick success?

It is easy to tell you what you want to hear. But I will tell you the truth.

Remember this advice:

Give yourself time to succeed! Give yourself at least one year!


You know each process has ups and downs.

With this “1 year mindset” you would be able to go through the downs without getting burned out!

You need

consistency, persistence and time

to make it.

The good news is, if you invest consistency, persistence and time, it is very probable that you make affiliate marketing a profitable business for you.


We arrived at the third important moment I would like to discuss with you. How to be

Consistent and persistent to make money from affiliate marketing?


I believe you need a structured approach to this venture, like any other business. You don’t need procrastination, distraction, confusion and wrong direction.

If you started a brick and mortar enterprise, you would have your business plan on the table, isn’t it?


Let’s compare a structured approach vs. non-structured approach.

Map and compassBoth are possible to make money in affiliate marketing.

What are the advantages of the non-structured approach?

I can see only one – it is free.

You start and go through the above five steps with your efforts.

On the internet, you can find all information you need. For free!

But it would be like

looking for a needle in a haystack.


The efforts and time dedicated are enormous. I have started this way, but I was like a ship without a compass.

What about the structured approach?

I would define it as a system, which will allow you to gain

step by step knowledge and experience about how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Imagine it like you are in the middle of nowhere, but you get out of your pocket a compass, guidance and a map.

  • On the map, you will see all infrastructure: roads, bridges, signs, dangerous places and places you are going to feel safe.
  • The compass will give you the destination.
  • The guidance will lead you to step by step – do one, then two, etc.

Which way are you more probable to reach the goal – with or without a map, compass, and guidance?

This is the difference between structured and unstructured approach – you can do it both ways, you choose how.


What is the best way to make money in affiliate marketing?

After all, being said, my answer to this question is easy:

1. Sincerely help people with your content;

2. Give yourself enough time (preferably one year);

3. Find a structured approach (get your map, compass, and guidance);

If you take this strategic piece of advice, you would most likely be a very successful affiliate marketer! You will not find the money, the money will see you!

My Approach


I promised my solution. I am trying to follow the same three steps I shared with you now.

As for the structured approach, I have found

the most reliable system in the world of the affiliate marketing nowadays. 

It gave me all five resources everyone needs to be an affiliate marketer.

Let’s see them again:

  • Overall and profound knowledge how to run affiliate marketing business;
  • How to physically build my website;
  • How to successfully create content that sells;
  • Guidance and mentorship through the process;
  • A community of like-minded professionals who drive me ahead.


Read HERE about this system.

Whatever you decide, the most important is to TAKE ACTION! Your affiliate marketing strategy is waiting for you! 


I would love to hear from you! What do you think? I would be happy to brainstorm with you in the comments section below!


To your best solution:)


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