3 Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

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Hi, there:)

I am Valeria - stay at home momI am Valeria. I have three small kids. In the last four years of my life, I am a full-time job mother:)

It is a hard job, I have to admit. But still, I am looking for more work.

Are you like me? Interested in work from home ideas for stay at home moms?

You are right to ask: How come? Is it possible to raise (almost) alone three kids and get additional workload?

Yes – it is possible! I will personally share with you the three WORK FROM HOME JOBS FOR STAY AT HOME MOMS that I successfully perform while I am a responsible parent!

Both are income drivers, and both are not at the expense of taking care of my kids. It is all about your time management and organization of your schedule.

Some Background

Before I start with job #1, I would like to bring to your attention what is the surrounding situation at home, so you are fully aware of the details and can judge for yourself.

  • It is only me all the time around kids – no grandparents (they have their 9/5 jobs), no babysitters (I prefer to have maximum contact with my children and to be close to them as much as possible in their first years);


It is only me all the time around kids

  • My husband is focused mainly on income solving issues. We have set a rule that I don’t bother him during the working hours unless it is essential or urgent;


  • We don’t count on some other income flow (like legacy, dividends or rent), besides one we produce during our monthly business activities.

Having said that, if you are in a similar or even better position than me, you would be able to implement some of (or all) the ideas I will share with you today.




 Job # 1. Make money, while completing surveys!

Make money, while completing surveysMaybe recurrently you hear, see or read about the results of different opinion polls. Usually, the message is like: “65% of the respondents would vote for candidate X and 15% for candidate Y, while 10% are still about to decide, and 10% will not vote”. The results are based on a sample size of 1 000 respondents”.

Well, in fact, you could be among those respondents.

These are the people, who have participated in the survey and have completed the questionnaire. The above hypothetical example was for a political poll.

The good news is that the companies are doing a lot of consumer research and it is the vast majority of the surveys that are conducted throughout the year. And again,

a massive amount of studies are done online.

So, you can get paid to answer questions, while sitting at home in front of the computer. There are companies, which build online panels of respondents.

When a producer wants to understand the opinion of the consumers on a specific topic (awareness of confectionery brands, purchase habits, etc.), he turns to such panels.


All you have to do is to become a member of a panel/s (it is free),

complete your profile and to declare what types of surveys would you like to participate. Then all you have to do is wait.

Let’s say there is a new survey coming. If you are eligible for it – you are sent a questionnaire that you have to fill in.

Usually, the incentive scheme is as follows: depending on the length of the questionnaire and the time/effort spent on each project – you receive some credits, that you can exchange for money.

Completing questionnairesYes, the income is not steady, but at the same time, all you have to do is to find some minutes throughout the day and to complete the questionnaire.

Just to give an example of me: I have done this while the kids are sleeping at noon, and while being in the car and my husband is driving!

So here the strategy is to grab the opportunity and score a point!

To find such online panel networks, just type in Google something like “make money consumer panel.” A lot of results are to come.

The other reason you might want to try this job is it could be exciting and put some spice in your usual everyday activities. You always have different topics researched.

You may even want to participate in online group discussions with other participants on particular topics.


I have described this money making opportunity in more detail HERE.


OK, let’s now jump into the more structured income approach:


 Job # 2: Make Money, While Writing Blogs For Third Parties.


Similar to the previous job, this one I will suggest you is connected with willing to express yourself. But in this case it is in a bit more structured mode: to write content for other websites.

Make Money, While Writing Blogs For Third PartiesThe idea behind is that you have a certain level of interest and expertise on specific topics.

For example, you are excellent on kids’ topic. E.g., how to: nurse babies, feed kids, play with kids as you know tons of ways to keep their interest and focus… The list is endless.

Or you may be interested in fashion, makeup or hair dying.

The most important is that you want to share your thoughts in writing.

On the other side – there are a lot of influential bloggers, or more prominent organizations, which would like to hire people to write for them.

Typing in Google something like “writing blogs for companies” will give you a lot of opportunities to monetize your writing skills.

I have done this for an organization, which produced souvenirs. They had something like a travel blog and needed someone to write articles for different places of interest.

The moments I have used were later in the evening when the kids have gone to bed, or during the weekends when my husband was taking care of the kids.

The income is more sustainable and stable vs. one, coming from the first job.

And logically we reached


Job # 3: Make Money, While Starting Your Blog


All that I mentioned for Job # 2 is relevant for job # 3 with one small, but substantial difference.

Instead of writing for someone else’s blog, you can do it for yourself.

And the big part comes here: you can make an excellent income out of this, which in the course of time can turn into your family full-time income.

This is precisely what happened with our family. First, my husband Tony and I started a blog, while he had a 9/5 job and I was bringing up kids.

Not long after that, Tony left his job and turned the blog into his primary activity, as no I write for his (in fact our) blog:).

We were able to start our own business and received all the knowledge and support how to do that, thanks to a platform, called Wealthy Affiliate.

One of the best ways to monetize your content is through affiliate marketing. This is when you help the producers spread the word for their goods among consumers. On the other side, you help consumers when you inform them about different products and services.

Writing content and blogging is the essence of the affiliate marketing. As every severe business, affiliate marketing has its rules, learning tips and tricks.

WATCH this inspirational story and get some advice how to start blogging:


Wealthy Affiliate.com

Wealthy Affiliate.com is an amazing place where you can find ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to know about this opportunity. It is among the best “Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms”, I have ever seen!

Tony has described why Wealthy Affiliate should be on your bucket list in detail.


Click HERE to understand more about the program and his motivation to start!


The best news is you can start learning how to make money online through blogging at Wealthy Affiliate.com for FREE.

There is no time limit for this – you can stay as long as you wish on your free membership level and decide for yourself before you proceed with your Premium membership.

This is exactly what we did – signed up for free, saw what is it about, and quickly turned into Premium members!



Well, moms, you see there is always hope that you have interesting activities from home, despite the kids’ commitment!

I showed you three ways to make money from home – from less structured, to the full-time approach, which can turn your life into the desired direction.


Come on, whatever you chose, just TAKE ACTION and I will wait to hear news about your success stories:)


I would love to hear your comments below! Do you search for work from home job? What are your ways of doing it? Do you think some three described from me ideas could work from you?


Wish you productive days ahead!


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