What Is the Best Keyword Search Engine Ranking Tool? Welcome to Jaaxy!

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Hi, there!

Recently, keyword search tools are inevitably connected with online content creation. Irrespective if you build your blog, or sell products online, you end up writing text.

There are many keyword tools on the internet. But if you want to know what is the best keyword search engine ranking tool, I will not keep you in suspense and will mention its name right now – Jaaxy!

Of course, you should not take my word for granted. That is why I will share with you all essential facts about the magnificent piece of software, and you will decide for yourself!

You have already learned the answer to the question on the title, but you will want to read further to learn:


1. Why is it so important to use a keyword search tool in your work?What Is the Best Keyword Search Engine Ranking Tool? Welcome to Jaaxy!

2. What would happen, if you use an average keyword tool?

3. What are the most prominent features of Jaaxy (some of them are one of a kind vs. any other tool)?

4. How much does it cost and can I use it for free?

In the end, you will be able to “touch the tool with your hands.” In other words, you will be able to use it for free to see for yourself, and I will explain to you how to do that!

We have a strict agenda to cover, so let’s start:)

Why should you use a keyword search tool?

It may seem pretty straightforward, but I think it’s worth mentioning why is that so important. I will put it this way: Let’s say you want to hit a long distance target with a sniper rifle, but you don’t use a scope.

The telescopic sight typically makes the target look closer or more prominent, making it easier to aim. The same do the keyword search tool.

Using the right keywords leads to better ranking on the search engines, which leads to more traffic, thus more engagement and sales!

Otherwise, you will “shoot” far or close, but never on the target. Unless you are a lottery winner:)


Using an average tool

As most of us will likely never hit the lottery jackpot, I would like to suggest you that you grab the “keyword jackpot,” named Jaaxy.

But before that, I would invite you to imagine a hypothetical situation.



You want to write an article about rifle scopes, and you would like to understand how many people are interested in this topic and search for it on a monthly basis on the internet (Google. Yahoo and Bing).

You type in keyword tool you have (not Jaaxy) the desired keyword, let’s say “rifle scopes” and get the result. You are happy – a lot of people are interested in this topic, and it is worth writing an article. So far, so good – but a lot of tools can offer this data.


DisappointmentJaaxy keyword search tool is like a "telescopic sight"

You roll up your sleeves, do your research, and create a wonderful text!

You publish it, wait for some time, and nothing happens! No ranking, no traffic and no applause for your masterpiece!



The reason why this happened is you are missing a substantial piece of information.

You know from the economic theory that to start selling a product, you need to investigate both supply and demand data.

There might be a high demand for any good, but if the supply is even more significant, you risk facing severe competition, leading your product to low or zero sales.

This is what has precisely happened with your “rifle scopes” topic. A lot of people search for that keyword on the internet, but at the same time many websites have covered this topic before you, and they have taken the good “page #1” rankings!

And here comes Jaaxy.


Why Jaaxy?

The other way we can ask this question is, what does Jaaxy possess that no other tool has?


Unique selling proposition

Jaaxy includes the “supply” part of the equation. In other words – it shows the competition or the number of websites that you will have to compete with for a specific keyword.

If you had Jaaxy at hand, during our case study, you should have found that “rifle scopes” keyword has high competition level and you should have noticed another keyword to use.

And here comes the most beautiful part. Jaaxy can show a bunch of keywords with a high number of searches and low competition at the same time! Look at the picture below:


Jaaxy is the best keyword search engine ranking tool?



Core features

I have “played” a bit, and checked the result of the keyword “what is the best rifle scope“? Let me explain to you what each column means:

  • Avg shows the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month;
  • Traffic indicates the number of visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines;
  • QSR (stands for Quoted Search Results) is the number of competing sites, raked in Google for the exact keyword;
  • KQI (positions for Keyword Quality Indicator) shows three quality levels: Great, Normal, Poor;
  • SEO is a score between 0 and 100, based on traffic and competition. Higher is better regarding ranking potential;


100/100 Rule

When we know this, let’s get back to our example and explain what we received as a result of “what is the best rifle scopekeyword.

A quick look at the number of searches (354) and competition (30) immediately shows us that this is a potential “golden nugget,” as it has a higher level of interest than the competition.

In fact, each keyword that has search level (Avg) above 100 and competition (QSR) below 100 is an excellent opportunity to rank high on search engines! Believe me, with Jaaxy you could come with plenty of potential winners in just minutes!

This is the “heart” of Jaaxy with the core features of the software. But let add some more:


Domain name availability

Domains menu shows whether a domain name with the respective keyword is available at the moment.

Thus, you can check (and buy) riflescope.com, e.g., just with one click. If you are searching high ranking domain name for your website, or you are in the business with domain names – Jaaxy is your tool!

Additional list of keywords

Jaahy has a brainstorming functionDid you notice something? When you type a specific keyword on the search bar and click Find Keywords button, Jaaxy not only shows you the results for this keyword on the top.

It comes with a list of other keywords that you might be interested.

On the picture, it is just a small excerpt, but even from this short list you can see another keyword that is appropriate: “What is the best spotting scope.”

And this is not all. If you click on any keyword on the additional list, it turns into a new leading keyword, and Jaaxy shows new another list!

It is incredible how you can find just with a few clicks a bunch of high-quality keywords, that will be enough for you to write content in the next few weeks!


Related keywords & Brainstorm Functionalities

And if this is not enough for you, have a look at the right-hand side of the screen. You will see there two more columns: Related and Brainstorm. Both of them will give you additional suggestions to explore keywords!


“Low hanging fruit” strategy

You have already noticed that Jaaxy allows you to monetize your content while finding keywords that are with low completion and not so significant search potential.

Thus, you can easily rank on Google page 1, avoiding the severe competition when trying to rank with high traffic keywords!

A fantastic strategy, thanks to Jaaxy!

If you think this is all, you are far from the truth. Let’s have a look at another set of functions:


Jaaxy research tool


  • Alphabet soap is another excellent tool that you can use to generate thousands of content ideas literally at a glance. This technique is very appropriate to dig deeper, to derive insights and to find keywords for any specific niche you want;


  • Saved lists. When you decide that a keyword could be appropriate for you, you can save it with all information about it on a custom-made list. You can keep as many keywords you want, organized on as many files you wish. Thus, you can easily explore them further. You can export them in CSV or TXT format;


  • Search history. Here you can see all searches you have made back in time;


  • Search Analysis. Amazing competition analysis tool! Type any keyword in the search bar, and you will see a detailed list of the top 10 ranked sites plus the following info about each case:
    • Wordcount
    • Number of backlinks to the website
    • A title, URL, meta description and meta keywords
    • Google Pagerank
    • Alexa rank
    • Is there Google AdSense


  • Affiliate programs. Are you an affiliate marketer? Type any keyword in the search bar and a second you will see a detailed list of affiliate programs to explore and to monetize. One click and you are on the affiliate page of the seller!


  • Site Rank. Click here to see where exactly is your site ranked on Google! It saves a lot of time and effort, as replaces the manual search. Imagine your website is listed on page 18?! Site Rank comes to save you:)

Well, I think this covers pretty much all essential Jaaxy features.


Does it have any downsides?

I can’t remember any significant downsides, but could mention two aspects of future development:

1. At the moment the software works only in English so that a few other languages could be added;

2. You cannot localize the search, so the developers could think of adding that feature in the future.


Technical support and requirements

1. It is entirely cloud-based service, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer. All you need is internet and password:)

2. The technical support is one of a kind.

3. The interface is user-friendly and organized in a “one click” distance:)


Who stands behind Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is owned and was co-founded by the two of the most pronoun experts in the world of the affiliate marketing Kyle and Carson.
They also have found the most prominent online marketing platform in the world, called WealthyAffiliate.

If you want to learn everything about making money online as an affiliate (and not only) marketer, this is your place.

By the way, if you become a premium member at WealthyAffiliate, you get Jaaxy as inbuild feature, as both platforms are merged!

But you can try WealthyAffilate for free and stay as long as you wish there – no strings attached.

Learn HERE what WealthyAffiliate is.

How much does it cost?

Jaaxy comes in 3 levels, and yes the STARTER LEVEL, which includes 30 searches, you can use for free. It is perfect for giving it a try! You can get a taste of the power of Jaaxy with the Starter membership along with some features ranging from the Keyword Search, QSR (Competition Data), Domain Search, SiteRank, Keyword Lists, and the Alphabet Soup Platform.

Jaaxy STARTER (Price: $0)

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • 1x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans



Jaaxy PRO (Price $49/month). Jaaxy is a value for money keyword search tool

Most popular for new websites. Includes everything from STARTER level +

  • Sortable Search Results
  • Unlimited Search History
  • Search Analysis
  • Manual QSR Search
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans



Jaaxy ENTERPRISE (Price $99/month).

It is for power users. It’s great if you are an intermediate to an advanced online marketer, affiliate marketer, merchant, amazon seller, and local marketer. It takes automation of SEO to a whole new level with SiteRank Tracking that allows you to automatically track your rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This can be key to maximizing your SEO efforts and understanding what works and what doesn’t. If you want the fastest, most efficient, and best value platform Enterprise is it.

Includes everything from PRO level +

  • 5 Search Results
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (50/letter
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans



Try it for free!

It would be a significant loss for you if you have the chance to try this “gem” for free and you miss the opportunity. You can do it here. Just type in a word and see for yourself!



Let’s Wrap it Up And Pass The Verdict

What Is the Best Keyword Search Engine Ranking Tool? Jaaxy is worth every penny paid for it (or not paid, if you are a WealthyAffiliate member). The perks it brings with it are Tons, and you have everything needed to find keyword hits and make a killer content! Please, read the review summary of the product:

Name: Jaaxy

Website URL: www.jaaxy.com

Keyword search: 5.0 out of 5.0

Support: 4.8 out of 5.0

Domain search: 5.0 out of 5.0

Additional functionalities: 4.9 out of 5.0

Price: Starter Member (free), Pro Membership (49 dollars/month), Enterprise Membership (99 dollars/month)

Whatever you do and whichever tool you use, just TAKE ACTION! The unique keyword will not “fall from the sky.” You have to go and find it. Now you already have the “map” with you!

I would love to hear from you! How do you find your keywords? Leave me a comment, and I will answer you!


To your successful keywords’ finding!







5 Responses

  1. Nicolaas

    Hi Tony,

    You did a great job explaining all features of Jaaxy in this post. It is very comprehensive and for a lot of people, this post will drive home the importance of using a proper keyword tool.

    It is the best keyword tool out there and it will surely help me to rank better in the search engines.
    Thank you.

    • Tony

      Hi, Nicolaas,

      I cannot agree more with you. From all keyword tools, I have tried and read about, Jaaxy is the best one.

      And you are right – it is comprehensive and for a lot of people. It is appropriate for so many online activities. In fact, it is a fundamental solution, which one shouldn’t miss to try for free and decide for themselves.

      Wish you good luck with your website.


  2. Matts Mom

    This seems like a great keyword tool! Do you think you can get all you need with the free version? What does the paid version give you that the free version doesn’t? I am just curious if it is really necessary to pay monthly or if I can get buy using the free tools.

  3. Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success

    Hey Tony,
    Thanks for this thorough review. The thing I like the most about Jaaxy is its simplicity. It’s so easy to use yet it is so powerful. I believe every internet marketer should have a keyword research tool. Jaaxy is the one I will recommend to other people as well! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Tony

      Hi, Jerry,

      Thank you for your comment:) I am happy we are thinking equally about Jaaxy! It is logical that people like it as in fact it doesn’t have serious disadvantages!

      And by the way, who wouldn’t try it, especially when they have the chance to do it for free!!

      Agree with you it is simple and powerful!

      Wish you good luck with your website,


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