What is the best way to start a blog to make money?

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Hello, Dear (Future) Blogger,

What is the best way to start a blog to make moneyExcuse my optimism,

but I am pretty sure when you finish reading this text, you will know what the best way to start a blog to make money is.

So it is possible that if not yet, you become a blogger very soon!

And it is not because it is trendy! Indeed, nowadays almost everyone can start a blog. Thus, millions of blogs circulate on the Web.


By my goal is to teach you how to start a blog


out of it! This is not as simple as it sounds. But it is possible.

You just have to follow some basic rules to turn into a successful and profitable blogger.

These rules have worked for me. I am the living proof – the fact is now you are reading my blog! And you may think you have found me, and this is true.

But what you may don’t know is I have searched for you and found you, as well! I have used proven methods to reach you and make you read my blog. I will teach you what they are.

What AreThese Rules And Methods?

It may sound too implicit, but the most critical and fundamental rule is


Rule # 1: Create Unique, Interesting and Valuable Content!

You do not have to be a writer to do this. Apparently, I am not John Grisham, as well. You have to be willing to express Create unique and interesting contentyourself. But you do this every day with your family, friends, co-workers or strangers, aren’t you?

You have to state your point of view and comment on some topics. Like the topic “What is the best way to start a blog to make money.”

You have education, knowledge on different subjects, opinion, values, hobbies, interests, etc. This is what makes you a unique personality.

All you have to do is to communicate your opinion, interests, and knowledge in writing.

Most probably you have already posted on social media. Now you will start doing it in a more structured way.

Again, as you are unique, your opinion is one of a kind! There are people out there who want to hear it! And they don’t expect a book from you! (Of course, if you are a writer, you will create books, but this is a different thing!).

Just think. When you search something on the Internet, do you expect to find a novel?

No, you hope to see some valuable information, related to your issue. Otherwise, you would go to the bookstore (either brick and mortar or online).

I stress a lot on this rule, as it very often appears to be an obstacle to a lot of people to go on. I am sure now you are ready to proceed:)

When you define the type of content that you feel comfortable to blog about, you will have to think of


Rule # 2 What Is The Audience I Will Communicate?

In other words – you have to define your niche. It is a group of people, interested in a specific type of goods.

GoodWhat is your niche advice here is to find the

balance between too broad and too narrow niche.

I will give an example. Let’s suppose you are interested in and know something about dogs.

Too broad niche might be “Everything about pets” – a massive topic with thousands of subtopics in it. People will get lost what exactly is the blog.

Too narrow niche might be “Healthy Food for 3-year-old labrador-retrievers”. Here we have a lot of limitations, and at some moment we will cover the topic, without being able quickly to develop our blog.


Read HERE how to define your niche correctly!

We can find the

sweet spot in a slot,

like “Healthy food for dogs.” Here we can cover all ages and all breeds – narrow enough to have a focus, but broad enough to add content and develop the blog.

OK, you are ready to write content, and you have decided on your niche. Here comes


Rule #3: Build A Website

The content is still in your head or written down on your computer. No matter how valuable it is, you have to build your Build a websitewebsite to show your thoughts to the world.

Nowadays, creating a website from scratch could be a piece of cake! The steps you have to follow are:

1. Buying a domain name for your site.

For example, the domain name of this site is www.cash4links.com.

If you search on the Internet, you will find a lot of opportunities to buy a name. It is not expensive.

You will be offered free options also, but my advice is to give a few dollars a year to possess your name.


2. Hosting your website.

This is the server space, where your website is “positioned” to be able to appear on the Internet. There are a lot of hosting service providers. Very often domain name and hosting will be provided together. But most important is that you find a stable.


3. Finding the framework for your website.

Unless you are a web developer and you can code, you will rely on web builders and frameworks to build your website. Simply put, these are tools with pre-set components, which you will use to customize your site.

There is a ton of solutions out there. Just search for “website builders” or “how to build a website.” You will get a lot of options and analyses which tool to choose.

One of the best options, which is used by 30% of the websites is


I am using it, as well. WordPress is an open source website creation tool. It is the most popular blog and website content management system in the world. It is free to download and use.

WordpressYou can fully customize your WordPress website design, by choosing a theme. There is an excellent choice of fantastic free and paid themes.

But you can start with a free option. Like me – the blog you read now is set on a free theme.

You can also install plugins – small pieces of software that will extend the functionality of your website. There are tons of free and paid ones for literally every kind of customization you may think.

For my website, I use only free plugins.

WordPress, themes, plugins – this might sound a bit confusing to you.

But it is not.

Everything is so user-friendly. There is a ton of information for WordPress on the internet. I am not a computer savvy person and was able to build my website alone.

OK. You are very ahead of your hypothetical journey. You have your content strategy, you have found your niche, and you have your website build! So we come to

Rule #4: Getting Traffic To Your Blog

This is all about how to make people come to your blog! Do you remember – I told you I’d used some techniques that made easier you find me?

Getting Traffic to Your BlogOne of the significant steps here is using search engine optimization (SEO). This is when we design our content in a way that it is easy for the search engines like Google, to push and rank our material at the top positions.

For example, it is mainly what keywords we will use on our blog. If our content matches with what the people search for – the search engines rank us better, as we have a relevant content!

How do we find what these keywords are?

Happily, there are tools on the internet (free and paid), which can help us define what is relevant for the people.


For both SEO techniques and keyword search tools, you can find a ton of free information on the Internet.

Another big traffic strategy is using social media profiles to make our content accessible to the desired audience.


WATCH this amusing video to visualize the steps you have to undertake:


And, when we have some decent amount of traffic, we reach

Rule #5: Learn how to make money!

There are lots of ways you can monetize your blog: selling your products, getting paid for ads, affiliate marketing. Monetize a blog

The last mentioned income flow is when we spread the word about different products and services among the consumers so that they can make their informed decision.

I have revealed you five rules you have to follow, to create your blog and make money.

And all you have to pay is just a few dollars for a domain name + hosting! All other techniques mentioned are free (or have their free versions)!



But I have not answered the question we started with:

What Is The Best Way

To Start A Blog To Make Money?

According to me, the best way is to

follow a system

that can make you go through all five rules flawlessly. It is not like it’s mandatory. As I mentioned, you have everything for free on the Internet. I’ve tried that way, too.

But it is hard and slow.

And when you find the system, you understand how much you have missed regarding so many details that make the difference between good and supreme!

The system I found is called Wealthy Affiliate.com.

It is a learning platform, where you will find absolutely every piece of information needed to turn into a profitable blogger. In fact, it is like an online marketing university.

You will learn:

  • How to create compelling content;
  • How to find and define your niche;
  • How to start a blog by WordPress (buying a domain name is easy as it is a functionality of the platform, and the hosting of your website/s is included as a service and is free for the members);
  • How to design your website;
  • How to apply all available SEO techniques to rank better;
  • How to use a keyword research tool (the best for affiliate marketing) which is free for the members;
  • How to implement all techniques available on the market to monetize your blog.

The Great News

The excellent news is WealthyAffiliate.com has a

FREE entrance level,

where you can learn a lot of insights and start your blog much faster and more comfortable, compared to not following any system!

You can stay as long as you want there. You better see for yourself if it is working for you. If yes, you can upgrade anytime.


You can read HERE about my dilemma and how you can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.


In my opinion, it is hard to find a reason not to try the free level of WealthyAffiliate. You have nothing to lose, you can only win your dream to have a working and profitable website!


Whatever methods you want to use, TAKE ACTION! It is up to you to build your future success!


I would love to hear from you! What do you think about starting a blog?

What is your potential audience? Your Niche? If you need an opinion or advice, I would be glad to help you!


Happy Blogging:)


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